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Thursday 2nd Octoberber 2014
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European ATM deployers prioritising innovation over expansion

European banks are always looking to improve their ATM estates. Historically this has meant channelling resources into network expansion; however, a new report from RBR, ATMs in Europe 2014: Hardware, Software and Services, reveals that banks are increasingly focusing on improving their existing ATM operations rather than on deploying more terminals.

The report shows that, with the exception of the Russian and Turkish markets which saw significant growth, the European installed base shrank by over 15,000 machines in 2013. Despite this, the market witnessed a significant increase in the number of automated deposit ATMs featuring cash recycling technology and in deployers utilising cash forecasting solutions.

Automated note deposit and cash recycling ATMs in Europe, 2012 and 2013

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Benefits of cash recycling technology increasingly justify the costs
Higher purchase costs have made many banks traditionally reluctant to deploy ATMs with cash recycling technology. Some banks have also focused on locations where there are a roughly even number of deposits and withdrawals. The report shows, however, that banks are now viewing the potential savings in cash management as compensating for the increased purchase costs. In Europe as a whole, the number of ATMs featuring cash recycling technology increased by 18% in 2013.

Almost half of all cash recyclers in Europe deployed in Germany
There were 28,000 cash recycling ATMs in Europe at the end of 2013, of which almost half were installed in Germany. Such machines are much more common in western Europe, with cash recycling featuring on 7% of terminals, compared to less than 1% in CEE. Russia accounts for almost half of all such machines in CEE, but this represents only a tiny fraction of the Russian installed base.

Spanish deployers investing heavily in automated deposit ATMs
As one of the countries worst affected by the eurozone crisis, Spanish deployers have had more reason than most to focus on increasing the profitability of existing machines rather than growing their ATM fleets. The market saw the greatest reduction in ATM numbers of all European markets surveyed, with the removal of over 4,000 machines. Spanish deployers, however, installed almost 4,000 automated deposit ATMs in 2013, making Spain the largest western European market for these machines outside of Turkey.

Software solutions also helping to reduce cash replenishment costs
Banks are not only looking at hardware solutions to make their ATM fleets more cost-effective. They are also utilising cash forecasting and management software to improve the efficiency of their cash processes, and thus reduce cash handling and CIT costs. Such software is now used on 370,000 ATMs in Europe, an increase of 28% from the end of 2011. Proprietary solutions are the most common, while third party solutions such as Planfocus’s CPTO and Fiserv’s Integrated Currency Manager are also commonly used, alongside those provided by ATM hardware vendors.

Cash processes expected to become streamlined further
Banks will continue to look at ways to make their cash processes more cost-efficient. Expected future developments include increased recycling at the branch level, with banks implementing closed cash cycles to reduce CIT and cash handling costs and the use of more sophisticated cash management software.

Source: RBR