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Jump Risk Management

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Jump Risk Management
Descripción JUMP Risk Management makes it easy to monitor and analyse the risk and performance of your assets and covers the following needs: • A fully-integrated calculation engine: efficient and progressive. • Varied content: over 100 different ratios. • Customisable library of graphs and tables. • Total transparency of formulas used and possible configuration of ratios (different types of VaR manage the confident level of VaR ratio and risk free rate of Sharp). • Create your own indicators through the Ratio Designer (Script and mathematical ratio editors). • Over one-hundred ratios and dozens of preconfigured tables and charts for your analyses. • Performance contribution and attribution. • Calculate each asset compartment’s risk contribution. • Stress tests/"What if" scenarios. • Proxy generation based on an exclusive risk calculation engine that combines multi-linear analysis with a returns-based style analysis. JUMP Risk Management can be combined with other JUMP AMS software programmes or used independently.
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