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Direct providers of financial instruments

Posted by raineaelena on April 08, 2017 at 01:39:40:

Dear Sir

Through our corporate global companies we are direct providers of
financial instruments and particularly lease and fresh cut instruments
issued by top world rated banks.

We provide our own monetization and trade programs also hence the
reason your file was sent to us for review and consideration.
In order to move forward our procedure is very clear and straight
forward, therefore our procedure is not negotiable under any
We require the following documentation;
1. A fully completed and signed KYC - please see attached.(please
complete this KYC Pack in full) - No Electronic Signatures accepted.
All documents must be hand signed and in blue ink.
The KYC pack attached is in draft format and can be amended
accordingly to your purpose.

2. Proof of Funds - we require two types of Proof of Funds
a) Bank Confirmation Letter - must be on the bank letterhead and
signed by two bank officers. The Bank Officers signature must be hand
written only - No electronic signatures accepted.
b) Bank Tearsheet - no less than 3 days old.

3. Letter of Request
This letter needs to be provided for by the end buyer of these
financial instruments and on their company letterhead relating to the

1. Type of financial instrument ie: Lease and or fresh cut (owned).
2. Face Value Amount.
3. Currency:
4. Name of your bank.
5. Name of the country of your bank.
6. The purpose for the purchasing of a financial instrument.
7. Payment Mode: We will only accept upfront transmission fees.

We will not accept MT799 PreAdvice and or any other form of payment as
our financial instruments are issued by top world rated banks.
This is not negotiable!
Please Note:
As we are the Providers of financial instruments we will not accept
procedures from potential buyer/s.

If our procedure is NOT ACCEPTABLE to you, please feel free to decline
For all types of financial Instruments Only.
Should you have a financial instrument (ie: SBLC/BG/Bonds etc) to
provide for monetization (Non-Recourse loan) and or trade some of the
documents within the KYC Pack are not applicable such as Proof of
Funds etc.
Please Note:
All financial instruments must be sent via Swift MT760 from the
issuing bank of the said instrument. Therefore we will provide the
Swift MT760 verbiage upon receiving all of the above documentation.

We will not respond to any queries until we have received a fully
completed and signed KYC.

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