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Eurofinance Mercantile LLC

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Description EuroFinance Mercantile LLC, is one of the Companies of the EuroFinance Mercantile Group (EuroFinance Mercantile LLC,Hermes & Janus sro, EuroCredit LP, Khrysos sro, Domus Europa Communication sro, VPP sro) a global group specialized in Management Services, Financial Services, E-Commerce Services, Bank Accounts, Internet Services, Mergers & Acquisitions, Loans arrangements, Zero Taxation Companies, Due Diligence, Yacht registration and everything to help a better and more profitable management of Client Companies and/or Client business. Our Group sells Zero Taxation Companies, E-commerce Companies with E-Commerce website, E-commerce website, website with company remote management. Our group sell: D L/C, S L/C, MTN, BG, Debentures Our Group arrange Loans loans, company capital enhancement, company working capital enhancement, bank accounts, deposit accounts. Our Group arranges Company registrations, Yacht registration, Aircraft registrations. WE execute due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, etc. [Modified: 22 Jul 2011 - Votes: 0 ]


  • Corporate lending
  • Mergers acquisitions
  • Private Banking
  • Risk management, Insurance


  • Head office:
    New York
    42-25 243rd Street,Douglaston,
    New York, NY 11363,
    Hermes & Janus sro,
    Wilsonovo nabr. 106,
    Nitra 9490

  • Phone:
  • 00421 37 7418 992

  • Fax:
  • 00421 37 7414 435