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IZFiA (Poland)

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Description IZFiA is a non-governmental organization that brings together on a voluntary basis all fund management companies operating in Poland. The Chamber was established on October 28th, 2004 and operates based on the Act of May 27th 2004. The Chamber took over the intangible assets of the Association of Fund Management Companies in Poland and continues its activities. IZFiA is a member of EFAMA. With the new chamber of commerce, the fund management companies will now have a better representation of the sector. [Modified: 17 Feb 2008 - Votes: 0 ]



  • Head office:
    Izba Zarz¹dzaj¹cych Funduszami i Aktywami
    ul. Nowy Œwiat 6/12
    00- 400 Warszawa

  • Phone:
  • 0 22 58 38 600

  • Fax:
  • 0 22 58 38 601