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Global Trader

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Description Global Trader is a pioneering international financial institution offering a Spread Trading and a Contract For Difference (CFD) execution service to both institutional and private clients investing in international and domestic financial markets. Global Trader is South Africa’s leading online financial services company and is the most active online broker, conducting over 300,000 trades per year, worth over US$5 billion per annum, for clients in 26 countries. [Modified: 23 Aug 2005 - Votes: 0 ]


  • Securities dealing
  • Risk management, Insurance
  • Trade finance


  • Head office:
    9th Floor,
    No.1 Kingsway,
    London WC2B6XF

  • Phone:
  • +44 207 420 1200

  • Fax:
  • +44 207 420 1201