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Banco Central de Honduras

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Description En el Banco Central de Honduras somos responsables de velar por el mantenimiento del valor interno y externo de la moneda nacional y el buen funcionamiento y estabilidad de los sistemas financiero y de pagos del país.

the Central Bank of Honduras has been a leader and pioneer institution within the governmental sector in many aspects among its field of competition; leadership that puts the entity in a position of high relevance and prestige so much at national level as international, which has allowed and facilitated with great measure to accomplish adequately the basic objectives that the law mandates.
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  • Head office:
    Barrio El Centro,
    Avenida Juan Ramón Molina Primera Calle,
    Séptima Avenida
    Tegucigalpa, Honduras

  • Phone:
  • (504)-2237-2270 al 79